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Baltimore Charter Bus Rentals offers affordable charter bus rentals for your group. Our wide selection of luxury travel buses, motor coaches, and mini-buses are available from 1-53 passengers so you can pick the perfect vehicle to fit your needs. Whether you’re traveling to Baltimore for business or pleasure, our professional drivers will provide safe transportation anywhere within the greater Baltimore area.

Baltimore 50 Passenger Charter Bus

Charter Bus Rentals Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore Limos MD is a premier provider of luxury motorcoaches and minibuses for rent. We offer charter bus rentals in Baltimore MD and the surrounding areas, including Washington, DC. Our fleet includes sleek and stylish vehicles perfect for weddings, sports teams, corporate events or any type of celebration you can think of. We have buses that seat up to 53 passengers and minibuses that accommodate up to 24 passengers comfortably. Whether you’re visiting from out-of-state or need transportation from one point in Baltimore to another local attraction such as Camden Yards Stadium or M&T Bank Stadium (Ravens stadium), we have what you need!

Baltimore Motorcoaches

What is a motorcoach? A motorcoach is a large vehicle that can seat anywhere from 40 to 80 people. Motorcoaches are typically used on longer trips where you want to travel in comfort and style, such as when you’re traveling with friends or family members to an out of town concert or sporting event. Although motorcoaches can be rented for shorter trips, they do require more time than other vehicles because they are so large and must be filled up with fuel before departing each time. What is a Minibus? A minibus is also a large vehicle but smaller than the typical motorcoach. A minibus typically seats 15-25 people, depending on the model and configuration chosen by your company when renting one from us at Baltimore Charters.

Bus Rentals Near Me in Batlimore Maryland

Baltimore Limos MD is a local bus rental company that offers a fleet of buses and luxury motorcoaches. We can provide transportation to and from the airport, as well as any event in or around Baltimore Maryland. Our fleet includes 24 seat mini buses, 30 seat mini buses, 45 seat luxury motorcoaches, 31-40 passenger school buses with handicap accessibility and a full line of executive coaches for charter bus rentals near me. With over 500 vehicles in stock we have the right vehicle for your special occasion or business trip needs!

Why Choose Baltimore Limos MD?

Choose Baltimore Limos MD for a luxury transportation experience that is unmatched. Our team of professional drivers and staff has been operating in the area and we are proud to be one of the most well-regarded charter bus rentals in Baltimore, MD. Our company is locally owned and operated, so we have an intimate knowledge of our region’s geography. We can help you plan your trip before you arrive in town by providing detailed information about destinations such as Camden Yards or Fort McHenry National Monument. We also offer an array of services in addition to chartering: Tours: We offer tours that take visitors around Baltimore’s harbor on an open-air bus with panoramic windows or through historic neighborhoods like Federal Hill on a trolley car. Transportation: If you need transportation from point A to point B during your stay at our hotel or other accommodations in downtown Baltimore City or elsewhere throughout Maryland (including Annapolis), then look no further than our fleet of vehicles—which includes vans, SUVs, limousines (including stretch limos), buses (for groups both small and large), party buses (with disco lights) and more!

Luxury Charter Buses

A luxury bus is a vehicle that you rent specifically for your transportation needs. It can be used as a party bus, or if you’re traveling with a large group and don’t have access to a tour bus, luxury buses are an easy way to travel around town. The majority of people use these vehicles for weddings and birthdays, but they can also be rented by businesses who need to transport clients from one place to another. If you’re looking for the best experience possible when renting a luxury charter bus rental from Baltimore Charters, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration before making your final decision about which company will provide your transportation services during your stay in Maryland.

Charter Bus Pricing

If you want to book a bus for your wedding, graduation or other special occasion, Baltimore Charters has some of the best prices around. We have charter buses and minibuses available for rent at our location in Columbia, Maryland. Here are some things to know about our pricing: You can get quotes via phone or email. We offer discounts to large groups (more than 20 passengers). Our vehicles include luxury motorcoaches and mini-buses that seat 14-50 people each!

Mini Bus Pricing Explained

The price for a mini bus to/from Baltimore Charters is based on the hourly rate, daily rate or weekly rate. The cost of your charter bus trip will depend on the size of the vehicle and number of passengers (people). The cost may also vary depending on how many stops you make during your journey: one, two or three (or more). Finally, there is a small fee for any extra hours that you book beyond those included in your itinerary (i.e., if you want to stop at another location before heading home).

Motorcoaches For Hire

Motorcoaches are great for groups of people. They are comfortable, have amenities like wifi and entertainment, and are perfect for events and travel. They’re also great for groups of people. If you need to charter a bus to transport your group around Baltimore, we’re here to help you find the right vehicle in no time! We have a wide selection of motorcoaches available for hire in Baltimore that can handle any size group or event.

Motorcoach Pricing Explained

The price for charter bus rentals depends on a number of factors. The size of the motor coach, the number of passengers and the duration of your trip are all factors that impact how much you’ll pay. The destination also plays a part in your total cost. For example, if you’re traveling from Baltimore to Washington D.C., expect to pay more than if your destination is Annapolis or Ocean City, MD. Other additional services like Wi-Fi or blankets may also raise costs slightly.

Charter Bus Rental Services

Here at Baltimore Charters, we are proud to offer a wide variety of charter bus rentals that can accommodate any size group. We have a large fleet of party buses and shuttle buses available for you to rent by the hour or day. Our vehicles come equipped with WiFi access, restroom facilities, and can fit up to 50 passengers comfortably. We also provide airport transfers and shuttles so that you can get where you need to go safely and efficiently! Whether your flight is departing or arriving at one of our local airports (BWI Thurgood Marshall Airport or Reagan Washington National Airport), we will get you there in style without breaking the bank! Our friendly staff members are standing by 24/7 ready to answer any questions you may have about our services before booking an appointment today!

Airport Transportation Buses

If you’re flying into Baltimore, there are a number of different airports to choose from. The major ones in the area include: BWI Airport (Baltimore-Washington International Airport), Washington Dulles International Airport Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, Baltimore/Washington International Thurgood Marshall Airport. The choice is yours!

Shuttle To The Venue With Wedding Transportation

If you are planning a wedding with transportation, we can help. We offer limousines and shuttles for weddings. We also have buses for transportation at the venue or hotel.If you’re looking for luxury wedding transportation, consider getting a party bus rental. If you want to make sure that everyone arrives safely and comfortably in style, book today!

Coach Bus Transport For Sport Teams

Sports teams have made use of charter buses as well. If you’re in charge of transporting your team for sporting events and tournaments across the country, it’s important that you select a reliable company that will get them there safely.

Government Charter Bus Rentals

Government charter buses are used for events such as conferences and seminars. They provide a comfortable and convenient means of transportation for large groups of people. Government charters are often used by government officials, business leaders, or athletes traveling to an event.

Book Corporate Travel Coach Buses

Booking a corporate travel coach bus is easy and affordable. You can start by searching for your desired dates on our website, or you can call one of our agents. We have an extensive network of partners in the transportation industry, so we are confident that we can help you find the best deal. We offer many different types of vehicles for groups traveling together: Motorcoach Bus Charter Rental – Our largest buses, these provide ample space for all passengers to relax without feeling cramped. They feature comfortable seats, climate control systems, restrooms and plenty more features to enhance your trip over long distances. Mini Bus Charter Rental – These smaller vehicles are ideal if you don’t require as much space but still want a comfortable ride with just enough room for everyone to sit comfortably throughout the day or evening’s festivities! This option is also great if there are only two people on board because there isn’t any wasted space within these vans such as stairwells leading up into larger transportation options like buses or coaches!

Prom and Formal Shuttle Service

Whether you’re taking a trip to the airport, attending a prom, wedding, or formal event, Baltimore Charters can help you. We offer charter bus rentals for all kinds of occasions. With our fleet of motorcoaches and buses, we provide safe travel for groups up to 50 people. We also offer special packages for school dances and other events that require transportation from one location to another.

Easy Transportation For Greek Events in Motorcoaches

When you are planning an event, it can be hard to know where to start. A Greek event is a great way to celebrate your heritage and culture with others in your community. Whether it’s a family reunion or a corporate event, motorcoaches are an ideal way for people from all over the area to get together on one bus ride! Greek events can also help out as church transportation for smaller groups in need of transportation for their services. There are many different types of Greek events out there today, so why not make yours one that everyone wants to go to?

Affordable Homecoming Bus Rentals

You’re probably wondering how much a charter bus rental costs. The answer depends on a lot of factors, including the type of bus you want (party buses are generally more expensive than motor coaches) and the number of passengers that will be riding along. If you need to rent a bus for your homecoming or prom celebration, then it’s best to get in touch with Baltimore Charters right away so they can help you find something that will meet all your needs. The most popular type of charter buses are those used by companies and organizations for corporate events or team building exercises. These types tend to be large but comfortable vehicles ideal for getting groups from point A to point B while also having fun along the way! Here at Baltimore Charters, we know these kinds well because they’re often rented out by people who need transportation between distant cities like Washington DC or New York City (and vice versa). If this sounds like what’s needed then definitely give us call today!

Travel Comfortably With Pub Crawl Minibuses

A pub crawl is a great way to explore Baltimore Maryland, especially if you’re traveling alone or in a group. We’ve got a few tips for planning your own adventure, so that you can get the most out of your time there: Plan ahead! You should make sure to map out which bars or pubs you want to visit ahead of time, so that you won’t be running around looking for them later on. It’s also important that everyone knows when their last stop will be before they leave for the evening. You don’t want anyone getting lost or left behind because there were too many stops along the way! Bring cash! Most bars don’t take credit cards (not even ours), so it’s best to come prepared with enough money in hand. Otherwise, they may charge an additional fee just for using plastic instead of cash – not very fun at all!

Steps To Rent Your Bus

Book online: You can send us an email and we’ll get back to you with a quote within 24 hours. Call us: If you prefer speaking to a live person, give us a call. We’re always happy to answer any questions and help you plan your event or trip.* Email us:If the question is more brief, emailing [email protected] is probably the best course of action for you. You can be sure that someone will get back to you quickly!

Attractions in Baltimore Maryland

Baltimore is home to many attractions, including the National Aquarium, the Baltimore Zoo, and the Maryland Science Center. Other attractions include the Baltimore Museum of Art, the Walters Art Museum and the Baltimore Museum of Industry. The National Aquarium is one of Baltimore’s top destinations for family entertainment. With more than 20 exhibits featuring thousands of animals from around the world, it’s easy to spend hours here exploring! The aquarium offers daily shows as well as special events like feeding times for fish that are on display at various times throughout each day. You’ll find lots to do here including watching sharks and rays swim overhead in their massive tank known as “Shark Alley.” There are also animal encounters where you can get up close to some friendly creatures such as stingrays or penguins! For those looking for something a little less intense yet still educational there’s no shortage of options in this city too! At both The Walters Art Museum and The Maryland Science Center there are plenty educational programs available for young kids (and even adults) who want something fun but educational about our world around them without having any fear factor involved whatsoever!

Airports We Service in Baltimore Maryland

We are proud to have a fleet of charter buses that can accommodate all types of groups and travel needs. From the largest corporate event to the smallest school field trip, we will help you get where you need to go in style and comfort. We offer luxury motorcoaches, executive coaches and mini buses for rent in Baltimore MD. Our efficient scheduling allows us to book your charter bus rental well in advance so that there is no last-minute stress or hassle when it comes time for your group’s departure date. We are also pleased to provide our customers with free Wi-Fi internet access on all of our vehicles as well as complimentary bottled water and refreshments throughout every trip!

Baltimore is a great city to visit and there are so many things to see and do! There’s always something going on, whether it be a concert or festival at Royal Farms Arena, an Orioles game at Camden Yards or even just visiting the Inner Harbor, which is the perfect place for some shopping during your trip. If you need transportation while visiting Baltimore Maryland then we have what you need! Our airport shuttle service will get you from BWI Airport directly downtown Baltimore with no hassle at all; plus our other charter bus rentals are perfect for groups of all sizes because they can seat up to 55 passengers comfortably. So if you’re planning an upcoming vacation or business trip then look no further than our company today!